Make a Personal Impact – Donate Today
At Calvary Christian Academy, every individual contribution plays a crucial role in enriching our educational environment. Your generosity enables us to uphold our commitment to a Christian worldview, academic excellence, servant leadership, and student development. Whether it’s supporting a student’s journey, enhancing our facilities, or contributing to our diverse programs, your donation is an investment in the future.
How Your Donation Helps:
  • Scholarships: Help bright minds flourish regardless of financial background.
  • Facility Upgrades: Contribute to creating state-of-the-art learning environments.
  • Program Development: Support the growth of arts, sports, STEM, and more.
Ways To Give:
  • One-Time or Recurring Donations: Choose the frequency of your support.
  • Memorial or Tribute Gifts: Honor a loved one with your contribution.
As this year comes to a close, we are immensely grateful for the divine blessings and your unwavering support. Our joint efforts have led to significant enhancements in our educational environment, aligned with our core values of promoting a Christian Worldview, Academic Excellence, Servant Leadership, and holistic Student Development. Click the link above to read about the things that happened at CCA in 2023 and opportunities to partner with financially us as the year comes to an end.
Donation Suggestions
Academic Excellence
  • Teacher Resource Library ($4,000): Resources for teachers to support diverse learning needs.
  • Interactive Whiteboards for Classrooms ($9,000): Advanced tools for enhancing classroom teaching.
  • Annual Drama/Musical Production ($4,000): Staging productions that reflect students’ God-given abilities.
  • STEM Workshop Series ($7,000): Encouraging excellence in science, technology, engineering, and math.
  • School Library Renovation ($20,000): Creating a modern learning resource center.
  • Literacy Enhancement Program ($4,000): Programs to improve reading and writing skills.
  • Career Exploration Days ($5,000): Helping students explore various academic and career paths.
Christian Worldview
  • Professional Development Workshops for Teachers ($5,000): Enhancing teacher’s skills in integrating Biblical perspective into all subjects.
  • Educational Conference Sponsorship for Staff ($8,000): Opportunities for staff to learn and share practices in Christian education.
  • Student Leadership Conference ($10,000): Fostering leadership skills rooted in Christian values.
  • Student Counseling Service ($6,000): Providing support guided by Christian principles.
Servant Leadership
  • Community Service Initiatives ($4,000): Funding projects that allow students to serve and lead in the community.
  • Student leadership Retreat ($2,000): Building leadership skills through service-oriented retreats.
  • Student Sponsorship Fund ($10,000): Supporting underprivileged families, embodying the spirit of giving.
  • Service projects integrated into various clubs and activities (e.g., Robotics Club, Art and Music Programs). ($5,000 each)
Student Development
  • Sports Team Sponsorship ($5,000 per team): Supporting physical development and team-building skills.
  • Special Education/Academic Support Resources ($7,000): Ensuring the holistic development of students with special needs.
  • Student Internship Program ($6,000): Real-world experiences for comprehensive development.
  • Playground Equipment ($20,000): Promoting physical activity and social interaction for younger students.
  • First-Generation/New Family Incentives ($6,000): Incentives and gifts for first year Calvary families.
  • Parenting Workshops ($3,000): Empowering parents to contribute to their children’s holistic development.
  • Sponsor a Classroom/Teacher ($3,000 per class): Support a teacher in their classroom with upgrades, resources, and experiences.
Every gift, no matter the size, contributes to a nurturing and empowering educational experience at Calvary Christian Academy. Join us in shaping the leaders of tomorrow by making your donation today. All donations are fully tax-deductible.