Private Christian Education Curriculum 

We recognize that providing the highest quality Christian education requires Jesus be the focus of our curriculum. To teach Christ is to teach excellence. At Calvary Christian Academy, we desire to set our students’ feet on a path where Jesus is readily found and where He is working, so our students might join Him in His work.
Calvary Christian Academy’s goal is to teach children in the image of Christ; therefore, the Bible provides the basis for our instruction. Our instruction begins and ends with the authority of the Scriptures as our teachers integrate God’s Word throughout their lessons.
Our strong academic program prepares our students to be leaders in their churches and communities. CCA graduates are well prepared to begin their college education. We offer a challenging phonics-based reading program that gives our students the necessary tools to excel in all subject areas. Our students possess strong computation skills and problem-solving skills as a result of our traditional math program.

Bible Teaching

As a Christian school, the Bible is taught as a separate subject at all grade levels and is integrated throughout all other academic subjects. Our goal is to graduate students with a personal relationship with Christ and a Christian, Biblical worldview.
  • Bible doctrines are emphasized throughout our Bible curriculum at all grade levels.
  • Students study the Old Testament and the life of Christ in the elementary program.
  • Our students master the stories of the Old and New Testaments in our junior high program.
  • Our senior high students study ethics as another means of establishing a Biblical worldview.
  • Our senior high students often participate in evangelistic mission trips to France, Texas, and New York City.

Reading & Phonics Education

Calvary Christian Academy offers a challenging phonics-based reading program to give students the necessary tools to excel in all subject areas.

  • Phonemic awareness, phonics and early literacy instruction begins in the Pre-K3 program.
  • Reading comprehension skills are reinforced throughout every subject.
  • Students learn skills for becoming independent learners.
  • Students receive individualized instruction whenever necessary.
  • Students’ writing skills are developed throughout our program culminating in a variety of reports and term papers in our high school English program.
  • Classical and modern literature are thoughtfully examined and discussed in the light of God’s Word.


CCA’s traditional math curriculum emphasizes strong computation and problem-solving skills.

  • Students begin mastering multiplication and division facts in second grade.
  • Long division and multi-step multiplication is mastered in third grade.
  • The upper elementary curriculum builds upon this strong computational foundation by emphasizing problem solving skills in measurement, fractions, and pre-algebraic equations.
  • Our course offerings in junior high and high school include Algebra 1, Algebra 2, geometry, pre-calculus/trigonometry and calculus.

Fine Arts Programming

The fine arts are emphasized beginning in the elementary school and continue through junior high and high school.
  • Teachers emphasize classical literature in addition to their basal readers.
  • Students memorize poetry on a monthly basis.
  • Great works of art are discussed.
  • Band instruction begins in fifth grade.
  • Handbell choirs, vocal choirs, instrumental ensembles, vocal ensembles, and solo performance complete the secondary fine arts program.
  • Several performance opportunities, including competitions, are offered to our students.
  • Fifth through eighth grade students competing in the Illinois Elementary School Association’s annual music competition all received a first place rating at last year’s competition.
  • Students in junior high and senior high participate in a two-day music festival that is sponsored by theAssociation of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Our soloists were asked to perform in the closing concert.
  • Speech and drama classes are offered beginning in junior high.
  • Every spring students from grades 3-12 are able to participate in a musical.

Foreign Language

  • Spanish is taught in elementary school beginning in first grade and continuing through junior high. Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 are offered at the high school level.
  • French 1, French 2, and French 3 are also offered at the high school level.

Credit Requirements

A total of 25 credits is required for graduation. The following courses are required for each student graduating from Calvary Christian Academy:


English – 4
Speech – 1
History (including Government + US) – 3
Geography – 1
Science – 3
Mathematics (including Algebra 1 + Geometry) – 3
Physical Education – 1 (.5 for 2 years)
Bible – 1 credit each year enrolled

Other Requirements

Additional content requirements including Health, Consumer Education, and the US Constitution exam are met within the core course curriculum.