Core Values


Our Vision

To equip academically skilled students who, permeated with a biblical worldview, will impact this culture and their communities.


Our Core Values

Christian Worldview

In a world filled with varying worldviews and belief systems, Calvary is dedicated to teaching and educating each student in every classroom from a Biblical perspective. Every Bible class and chapel time will be dedicated to teaching students the truths and stories from the Bible. As students move into Junior High and High School, systematic bible teaching will be part of the curriculum to develop a stronger understanding of scripture, enabling each student the ability to stand up for what they believe, and have the tools necessary to combat a secular worldview.

Academic Excellence

Calvary Christian Academy is dedicated to the teaching and training of every student. We realize that each student is created unique and has differing abilities and strengths. Our goal is to lead every student to do their best, while teaching them to do all things with excellence. With rigorous academics and appropriate expectations, CCA students succeed in the classroom and in life. CCA has the unique ability to help each student with difficult areas. Small class sizes allow students to receive individualized help when needed. With a desire “to do all things for the glory of God”, Calvary Christian Academy trains each student to strive for excellence.

Servant Leadership

Christ was the greatest example of a servant, and yet the greatest leader. We want our students to model this servant leadership. The Bible tells us that the greatest among us will be servants. Each student at Calvary Christian Academy will have many opportunities to develop leadership skills as they learn to serve others. This service often moves students out of their comfort zone, but these experiences are important steps in growing leadership qualities. Students will have opportunities to lead chapels and class meetings. Every class will have service projects throughout the school year. Students will have opportunities to serve in various ways in the school and in the community. From nursing homes to the local food pantry, CCA students learn to lead by serving others.

Student Development

Calvary Christian Academy is committed to the development of the “whole person.” From our student interactions to our curriculum design, all of our structures and strategies have been developed to produce graduates who will possess the expertise and character needed to engage their professional, social and political spheres-of-influence with truth from God’s unchanging Word. Calvary Christian Academy develops each student, spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically. As we Partner with Parents to accomplish this task, students gain confidence in their ability to be successful. 

Expected Student Outcomes

“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.” / Luke 2:52

It is expected that the CCA student…


Biblical Worldview:

This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth” / Joshua 1:8a

1.1       Articulates his story of salvation using age-appropriate terminology and appropriate Scripture.

1.2       Desires to see growth in his relationship with Jesus Christ.

1.3       Demonstrates the fruits of the Spirit.      

1.4       Has a knowledge, a love, and an understanding of the Bible as the foundation for his life.

1.5       Understands that God has a plan and purpose for his life.

1.6       Develops a sense of responsibility for the lost.

1.7       Seeks inspiration from Scripture to determine and develop wise strategies to boldly impact his world for Christ.


Academic Excellence:

But you shall meditate on it day and night” / Joshua 1:8b 

2.1       Develops a life-long love of learning using critical thinking skills to solve problems independently.

2.2       Strives for the full development of his intellectual capabilities to enable him to have maximum impact for Christ on his community.

2.3       Effectively communicates, presents, and defends his understanding of the biblical worldview.

2.4       Explores, creates, experiments, observes, plans, analyzes, reasons, investigates, and questions to learn more about the world in which God created for him to enjoy.




Servant Leadership:

So that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it” /Joshua 1:8c 

3.1       Demonstrates respect for self, others, and authority in both attitude and action.

3.2       Fulfills God’s purpose, utilizing his own spiritual gifts, in order to recognize and meet the needs of others.

3.3       Desires to serve others both inside and outside of his own culture and worldview.

3.4       Leads by identifying his role within a community and collaborating effectively within that community.

3.5       Strives to create a culture of humility, respect, and inclusivity on campus and within his sphere of influence.

3.6       Demonstrates leadership, cooperates with leadership, and submits to leadership.


Student Development:

For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.” / Joshua 1:8d 

4.1       Shows strength of character by demonstrating perseverance and resilience when faced with personal, academic, or spiritual obstacles.

4.2       Consistently displays self-control.

4.3       Strives for the pursuit of fulfilling God’s purpose in his life.

4.4       Exhibits a desire to bring glory to God and not himself.

4.5       Exits CCA as a confident Christian young person with a well-equipped mind and a willing spirit to have a solid biblical impact on the world he encounters.