Tuition Assistance

Through the generous gifts of donors, Calvary Christian Academy is able to offer Tuition Assistance to qualifying families.

Get Started

Use the downloads below to get an overview of our Tuition Assistance application and acceptance process. The Pamphlet contains much of the same information you will see on this page while the Application itself is a fillable PDF that you can complete on your computer, print out, and return to the school office.

Application Process

Applications must be filed yearly with Confidential Financial Services (CFS) and Exception Requests must be put in writing on a yearly basis. No awards will be granted without a current CFS application and FACT report. The following are the steps in the application process:


Since all types of assistance require an evaluation of a family’s need, a Tuition Assistance Application must be completed online at (there is a small fee that must be paid online for this application). In addition to this, the following must be provided:

  • TO CCA:
    • Tuition Assistance Application Form.
    • An Exception Letter (optional) – if the family believes they have unusual/extenuating circumstances that they wish for the Tuition Assistance Committee to consider.
  • TO CFS:
    • A copy of your most recent Federal and State tax return.
    • A copy of your four most recent pay stubs.
    • Any additional documentation required by CFS during the verification process.
  • **Financial papers should only be provided to CFS. Do NOT submit tax returns or pay stubs to CCA.

The Tuition Assistance Committee will review the processed application in light of the level of aid for which the family qualifies, the amounts available for distribution, and the number of applicants. The personal information that families are required to provide is kept confidential within this committee. Note: No application will be considered until CFS determines that the application is fully verified.


The Financial Administrator will inform each family of the committee’s decision on Registration Day in June.

Program Guidelines


In order to receive assistance from the CCA Tuition Assistance Program, a student must be enrolled full-time at Calvary Christian Academy.


The school reserves the right to review and cancel the financial aid awards at any time because of changes in financial resources, residency, marital status, because of failure to pay any outstanding tuition amounts in a timely fashion, or because of the student’s failure to remain in good standing at the school (academic, discipline, or attendance standards).


It is expected that the portion of the family’s tuition bill that is not covered by tuition assistance will be paid in a timely manner. A family not keeping the tuition payment schedule as agreed upon at the time they were notified of their assistance package might jeopardize their tuition assistance award. This is subject to review at the end of each semester.


A student is expected to maintain a “C” cumulative average to continue to qualify for tuition assistance. Any student not maintaining satisfactory grades may become ineligible for continued assistance or may be placed on probation for a period of time (not to exceed one quarter) to enable him to bring his grades up to the expected level. Note If a student is incapable of maintaining a “C” average due to diagnosed learning disabilities, a family may submit an Exception Letter to the committees to be reviewed as outlined above.


A student is expected to maintain appropriate conduct at Calvary Christian Academy. Any student suspended for more than one day during a semester may become ineligible for continued assistance at the end of that semester or may be placed on probation for an unlimited time period in which any successive suspension would result in immediate loss of continued assistance.


A student is expected to attend classes in order to make the most of the tuition assistance that is given to them. Any student missing more than 9 days in a semester or who is tardy more than 9 times in a semester may become ineligible for continued tuition assistance or may be placed on probation for the following semester in which any absence over 9 or tardy over 9 would result in immediate loss of continued assistance. Note Should a prolonged,diagnosed illness be an issue, parents should submit proper documentation from the attending physician.