Our Early Education program emphasizes development of the whole child through experiential learning. The nurturing environment our teachers foster sets our program apart. In a safe and loving, Christian classroom community, children are encouraged to discover, solve problems and develop social skills. By partnering with parents through relationship building and open communication, teachers lovingly facilitate their students’ spiritual, cognitive, physical and social/emotional development. Our goal is not simply to prepare our students for kindergarten but spark within them a lifelong love of learning.


Whole Child Development through Multiple Learning Domains

Spiritual: Children learn truths from God’s Word through daily Bible lessons. Biblical teaching is experienced creatively through the use of visual aids, story retelling, and sign language. These truths are made relevant through application not only in the classroom but also schoolwide and in community service opportunities.

Cognitive: Young children benefit from learning that allows them to problem solve and actively engage with academic concepts. Literacy, science and math are addressed through research based and developmentally appropriate curricula. Our teachers carefully plan instruction and activities to support key concepts in atmosphere of play-based development. Both initial developmental screening and ongoing assessment are employed to ensure children’s needs are known and properly supported.

Social and Emotional: Encouragement is key to developing confidence and motivation in children. Teachers foster classroom environments where children feel safe, loved and affirmed. Identification of feelings and strategies for successfully navigating social situations are actively modeled and taught. Character is developed through monthly attribute themes such as responsibility and patience that are presented in ways that are relevant to children’s lives.

Physical: Because young children naturally need to and enjoy being active, healthful movement is an integral part of our daily routines. Learning spans multiple domains as children move while counting, forming letter shapes and even completing phonemic awareness activities. Both large and small muscles groups are targeted for cardiovascular health, coordination and important fine motor development. Music and movement are creatively linked through classroom incorporation as well as sessions led by our school’s early elementary music instructor.