2020-21 Tuition and Fees

General info regarding our tuition, fees, and payment options

Calvary Christian Academy tuition is competitive with other private independent schools throughout the country that provide a top-notch college preparatory education.

Kindergarten – 12th Grade Registration

* Registration Fee is non-refundable 
Before March 1st After March 1st
Re-enrollment $200 $300
New Enrollment $300 $300


Elementary Tuition

1st child 2nd child All Additional
Kindergarten – 5th Grade $6375 $6050 $5725


Middle School  Tuition

1st child 2nd child All Additional
6th – 8th Grade $6375 $6050 $5725


High School  Tuition

1st child 2nd child All Additional
9th – 12th Grade $6375 $6050 $5725

Optional Fees

Sports Fees:
5th-12th Grade $125/sport, (discount available for parent volunteers).

Early and After School Care: 
Early Care (7-8 am) – pricing available at school office
After school Care (3-5:30 pm) – pricing available at school office

Miscellaneous Fees:
Music contests, Mini-term (9th-12th), Musical, and Mission trips:
These fees will be based upon the event and charged to students who choose to participate.

Financial Policies

Tuition will be divided into 11 monthly payments:

Payment #1: The first tuition payment is due as a down payment on registration day in June. This payment is non-refundable.

Payments #2-#11: Statements will be sent out the first full week of each month beginning in August and ending in May. There will be no Tuition Payments in July.

Due Dates:
The August – May payments are due by the 15th of each month. Prompt payment of tuition is vital to the operation of CCA. A past due balance of 60 days could result in exclusion from school. Please note the terms of payment on back.

A 4% discount will be applied to tuition for families who pay in full by August 15th.

Return Check Fee:
A $40 return check fee will be assessed per occurence.

Terms of Payment

Late Fees:
A $25 late charge will be assessed each month for payments not received by the 15th of each month.
An 18% interest (APR) will be charged to accounts that do not pay by the 15th of each month.
Grace Period: There is a 5 day grace period to account for weekends/delivery delays, however, interest fees will be calculated from the 15th of the month if the grace period is exceeded.

30 days past due:
Reminder by letter that at 45 days, students who are financially ineligible will be unable to participate in extacurricular activities.
Families will be placed on the Financially Ineligible list.

45 days past due:
Financially Ineligible from school functions.
Students who are Financially Ineligible are unable to participate in sports, concerts, programs, musicals, field trips and graduation.

60 days past due:
Suspended until account is current or arrangements have been made with the financial office.
Accounts still unpaid will be referred to a collection agency.
Any outstanding charges referred to a collection agency will have the collection agency fees added to the balance due.
All report cards and transcripts will be held until account has been paid.
Accounts must be current before entering the next school year.